Nick is an accomplished student in music composition, production, and mixing, and is working within multiple genres from hip-hop and electronic to jazz and orchestral. He has a keen ear for rhythms when composing and mixing audio and has perfect pitch, giving him a significant benefit when creating, especially as a vocalist. He combines music from multiple genres, including his original piano compositions as well as live instrumentals, to create works that are truly unique.


As a professional voice actor, Nick began his journey into the voice-over craft after idolizing industry greats such as Don LaFontaine and Mel Blanc. He has been coached, trained, and has recorded professionally in NYC, recording for commercials, industrial narration, audiobooks, and movie trailers. He works consistently with Pearson Education / Pearson Publishing, recording audio textbooks and online course texts and historical documents.


As a singer, Nick has had the opportunity to sing on the stage of Carnegie Hall with the No Borders Youth Chorus, an international honors barbershop chorus that performed annually as part of the US/Japan Goodwill Concert. He has performed as the featured vocalist with the DCC Jazz Ensemble, as well as several honors choirs throughout the region. He has also participated in NYSSMA Conference All-State Mixed Chorus and the ACDA Repertoire Honors Choirs in Baltimore and Boston. As the Bass and founding member for Desperate Measures Barbershop Quartet, Nick has not only performed throughout the Northeast, but arranged pieces for several quartets for which he coaches.


A musician to his core, whether composing, creating, mixing or producing, Nick is inspired to share his music with the world.